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About us

Schoeman & Vennote is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm with offices in Brits and Mooinooi.

The company has extensive experience in water use registrations, the validation and verification of water use and compiling water use licence applications.

The development of management information systems, with special reference to water use management and real time monitoring thereof are key activities of the firm.

  • Schoeman & Vennote has been in existence since 1983. Principal business activities include engineering, expert legal representation in water related matters and information management.

  • Hennie Schoeman has extensive experience in the assessment of water rights, irrigation requirements and agricultural land use development, including the use of remote sensing methods. He has a wide variety of project planning and implementation experience for emerging farmers and large-scale irrigation projects, gained both on project sites as well as in head office situations. His knowledge of and experience in irrigation has led to his direct involvement in the development and implementation of the National Water Act of South Africa. Because of his involvement as expert witness in several water court cases, water rights actions and expropriation actions the necessary expertise exists to present all analyses in such a way that it can be used in any relevant legal process. Hennie is now semi-retired, but still serves as a specialist consultant for us.

  • Francois Joubert is responsible for all the data and management information functions and is an experienced computer system analyst and developer, specialising in Management Information Systems and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). He also has extensive experience in the determination and classification of land use using remote sensing methods such as aerial video imagery, aerial photography and satellite images. Being both a developer of such systems and also an end user (including WARMS), he is able to combine his technical and managerial skills to balance and optimise required outputs with what is available or obtainable.

  • Susan Pretorius utilises her administrative and managerial skills to head the administration of the water division. She has excellent skills in the design, management and operation of the comprehensive inhouse database system for water use.
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